Monday, September 20, 2010

calligraphy and glass

I just finished 2 new glass pieces:

water carafe: Sit and have a Sip
open bowl: live laugh love

I am so excited about incorporating hand lettering into the glass etching pieces. The loops and swirls that I have been etching on the tumblers are all influenced by my love of calligraphy. Recently I had a commission to etch a large open bowl like the one here, but it had a message of thanks....made me think it would be fun to letter whimsical messages or even someone's name or special a couple getting married, a birthday or anniversary.

Easy Glass Etching: the book

I still get inquiries about my glass etching book, Easy Glass Etching (Sterling Publications). It is no longer in print and Sterling discontinued it's craft line of books, unfortunately. But you can purchase used copies and overstock via Amazon and other book sellers if you search by my name or the book title. Pictured is the hard copy cover, there is also a soft back version, too. It was a blast to write and put together projects! Check it out if you ever get a chance:)