Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pearl's (Atlanta) closing

Yesterday I found out that the Atlanta Pearl's is closing!!!

Apparently this is old news and I am slow to take advantage. I immediately drove over to see if there were any items left. Everything in the store was marked down 50%. But this had been going on for 2 weeks, I was told.

Just about all the paints were wiped out...just a few random brands and unusual pigment hues. lots of watercolor and some gauche. Same story with the brushes, canvas and illustration board. Bummer.
There were, however, still a lot of pastels to be had. I stocked up on some of the luscious ultra soft pastels that just melt onto the page. I also bought some fabric paints for an upcoming commission to hand paint 2 pillows for a client. Other than that, it is a lot of random stuff.
I have to say it is kind of sad, even though I only occasionally went to Pearl's because it was not the closest to me. But, they did seem to have a better selection of true fine art supplies than some other atlanta shops. Pearl's is only closing 2 locations and i did not catch the other city.

So, if you have not already been, it is still worth checking out. The paper section still had a ton of mat board/crescent and lots of the beautiful art papers.

Sorry no image for this post. I'll break into the new stash of pastels soon!

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