Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NEW! engraved glass jewelry

Well, I have been experimenting and having lots of fun creating these glass pendant necklaces. Thinking rings and earring are on tap as well, but boy are these fun!

People ask me all the time how often do I have glass break on me while engraving or what do I do if I make a mistake (every mark is permanent!) Really this only occasionally happens. But sure enough when I recently told someone this, I had several mishaps in a row! Wondering if I could use these vases in some other way, I held onto them. I thought at the very least I could test out a design on a portion or use them somehow. I don't remember exactly how I thought of this, but it must be my love of jewelry, I decided to smash them up (very therapeutic) and try to make necklaces.

Here are some initial experiments and I am loving them! I've been wearing the white painted/carved one for a couple days and may have to keep it! I'll be listing these on etsy and also placing them in the decatur gallery. I am seriously having to hold myself back form making more until I can gauge interest. Let me know what you think!

Each pendant is made form recycled glass and either engraved, painted, carved or a combination of these. Prices are good since this is an experiment for now!
Please visit the above links if you'd like to purchase:)

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